Feature suggestion/Request: New Color Effects

  • Hi,

    While traveling and changing timezones as I travel, it's not always convenient to change the time zone of my macbook nor the location setting in the f.lux app, and so it happens that I should be going to sleep in whatever local timezone I'm at, but my the color scheme of my laptop is the daytime color scheme and if I use my laptop I get exposed to blue light.
    It would be great to have the option to manually select the Sunset or Bedtime color schemes from the Color Effect menu (or any other menu).
    This way when I travel, or just want to go to sleep in mid-day, or just want to mess around with my circadian clock ;) - I would have the option to do so.

    On the same note I would suggest to add a feature to automatically detect and change my location. It would be interesting to experiment with such a feature as I'm travelling a lot.

    Thank you