Bank of completely full spectrum T5 for wake up lighting

  • If it's O.K.I'd like to mention an incredible company called "Hortilux". They have literally the world's greatest completely full spectrum daylight 5500K+ metal halide bulb. That would probably make people think I have a few brain cells missing if I were to set that up indoors for a wake up light although I'd definitely do it anyway.

    A significantly safer option is fluorescent bulbs and while the Philips TL9 bulbs are decent, they don't hold a lumen to the smooth spectrum that is created by Hortilux T5 bulbs. They post the spectral output of ALL their bulbs so just search for "eye hortilux" and you'll see how incredible they ate.

    LED bulbs are too expensive and just don't have the options fluorescent bulbs still offer. Hortilux has a bulb even stronger in blue than the Phillips activiva bulb which I really wanted until I saw the blue color spectrum Hortilux "460" and "420" bulbs produce. I'm wondering which would be better to use for a wake up light.

    Should I just get the white version and put a cover over the fixture to block UV--I have low ceilings (just under 8 feet) and my bed is at least two feet high) or should I get both (or one version) of their blue colored bulbs?