Update I've spent some time measuring and using the deluxe phosphors from a T12 bulb and I must say it's a massive improvement. With the standard "cool white" low CRI bulbs, I could barely tell if red and I think there's no blue or cyan light--just a violet spike. With the deluxe style, yellow is strong right beside orange and high amounts of red. Green is plentiful and there's just enough cyan to see it shine as bright as the green light on a disc. These are 5000K Chroma50 and they're quite decent. I'm wondering though, do some T8 bulbs like the philips do much better--I'll be frank that I don't trust one of their PDFs as it's missing so many spikes. I realize LED is much better in that there is only either a blue or strong violet (soraa and others) spike, but alas fluorescent is just cheaper. Oh, and can you overdrive an led chip! :)