Feature Request: Brightness Slider

  • Please add a brightness slider to the flux interface. It will be helpful on devices where Alt+Pg Up, Alt+Pg Down shortcuts don't work and it'll also be helpful when you're browsing around with mouse only. I have made a quick concept of this to describe myself better, see the image below.

    If you are a flux user that thinks this should be added please comment and show support so developers know there is a need for this. Thank you :)

    Flux Suggestion.jpg

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes, please! I agree with this. I use Excel a lot (main reason I need f.lux) and alt+PgUp is the shortcut to scroll across spreadsheets.

    So I have to click in f.lux, click Options and Smart Lighting, check the Hotkeys to On, adjust the brightness, then check Hotkeys to off. It's too many clicks!

    Either the option of changing a Hotkey or a simple brightness slider would be brilliant. Thank you!