Mac beta

  • f.lux team

    I'm posting a small set of updates for Catalina:

    1. This tries to fix the "white cursor" bug in 10.15.1, but we are not sure yet if we've got it.
    2. It tries to fix brightness changes that broke in 10.14.
    3. It is doing a few of the new Catalina security things (hardened runtime and notarization), adds permissions to change dark mode and access location, so please test location finding and "dark theme at sunset"
    4. Updates the Sparkle updater to a new version that should work better on Catalina, let's hope that works too!

    The new security/notarization stuff is a bit painful. We went from fully automated builds to tons of manual steps again, but we'll get back there eventually.

  • On mine, it doesn't fix the white cursor bug. (I'm running 10.15.1) But it seems to work fine for me other than that.

  • Did not fix it for me. 10.15.1, with Night Shift enabled. I seem to have this tearing issue on Catalina as well.


  • Thanks for the update. Did not fix the white cursor bug for me.

  • The "can't pull up preferences or about without restarting flux" issue also remains. I also encountered the tearing issue @bbmian describes above, though not during normal use. (It happened when I was rapidly switching back and forth between 1900K and 2000K, trying to reproduce the redness described here.