A suggestion for a new feature to solve TN panel viewing angle problems

  • Hi guys, I'm a flux user for about 3years now, been using a IPS panel and flux is pretty much all I could ask for, up till now.

    I just changed to a 144hz gaming monitor, the problem is almost all of those things have a TN panel, and we all know the wonderful viewing angles from TN panels. This is particularly a problem for me because my monitor stand is too high, yet lowering it will cause it to interfere with my speakers. So I end up being forced to look at my monitor from a lower angle, and it really disturbs me that it looks way dimmer at the bottom than up top.

    I believe that many users are suffering from similar problems (not exactly the same, maybe a different angle), so I thought our dear flux developers may be able make a new feature to allow us to customise the brightness/tint on our screens to be different at different parts of the screen, possibly with a smooth gradient. If it's done it will be the one savior for us TN panel users, and I thank flux from the bottom of my heart.

    Anyways, thanks for reading the post, <3 F.lux, peace