Hue Intensity fight between f.lux and other Hue controllers

  • The .REG file solution to set the Hue intensity works ok until you try to change that intensity with another controller. Once f.lux sets the intensity for a period, if you try to change the intensity with a Hue wireless controller, the change is overridden by f.lux after some seconds.

    In addition to having intensity settings for the different period(day, sunset, night), there should be an option to only set the intensity once per period. This would avoid 90%+ of the conflicts between f.lux and other bulb controllers which only change intensity (not color).

  • Hey,

    I'm new here so this might be answered already but I couldn't find the response and I think this thread is quite related to the problem.

    So yeah, f.lux does set the appropriate warmness of the light, but I want to dim the lights additionally and the controller doesn't let you do that like you described.

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