Just a quick 'thank you'!

  • Dear f.lux team,

    I know I should only write on this forum if I have any issues with the app but I'm actually on the complete opposite side of that spectrum. I'm one of the (hopefully) many people that have downloaded your application and is honestly so incredibly happy they did. I'd initially heard about this on an article regarding how to sleep and work better.

    After getting this app, I was able to pay more attention to my laptop's screen without pausing every now and then because of my eyes getting sore or tired. With the warmer orange colour coming off my screen as it gets darker outside, I've found that this instead of the blue emitting from the screen has helped me so much in terms of working and sleeping.

    I can go to sleep quicker and much easier because my eyes aren't as strained from working hours upon hours at my laptop late at night. I can work longer and without as much strain because of this neat little application!

    Thank you for the work you put in to make this absolute miracle available to people - I'm sure it's had very similar effects on others too!

    Thanks, team!

    Bella - a very happy customer :D

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