Request: Have f.lux adjust brightness/blueness of Touch Bar, or at least on/off at sunset/sunrise

  • The Touch Bar on my new MacBook Pro is way too bright and blue, for me, at night.

    Is it possible to add a feature to f.lux, whereby the brightness/blueness of the Touch Bar could be adjusted, along with the screen?

    I realize that System Integrity Protection would have to be disabled, as it is for TouchBarDisabler. I would be fine with that.

    Speaking of TouchBarDisabler, that's the best alternative I've found, thus far, to disable the Touch Bar, manually, at night. However, the app is super buggy, in my experience, and doesn't have a feature, whereby the Touch Bar can be automatically disabled at sundown, and enabled at sunrise.

    While I realize that adjusting the brightness and blueness of the Touch Bar may be difficult, if not impossible, TouchBarDisabler has already demonstrated that the Touch Bar can at least be disabled.

    So until and unless the brightness and blueness of the Touch Bar can be adjusted, could the developers of f.lux at least consider implementing an off-at-sundown, on-at-sunrise feature, for the Touch Bar?

    Note: Having f.lux control the brightness/blueness of the Touch Bar was requested in this forum last year, here, but that thread is dead, which is why I started a new thread, here.

  • I second this. Is there any possible way to do this? I would be happy to help in development or testing of this feature if someone knows how to do it

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