New MacBook Pro with touchbar (screen adjusts but not touchbar)

  • Hey,

    Does anyone know if support is coming so that when f.lux transitions my screen at night my touchbar also dims? The blue light on the touch bar, but not on the monitor is disorienting.


  • @dmbennett No. That looks to be backlit (completely separate from the display) by "white" purplish white LEDs just as the keyboard is. Unless Apple "really" cares about it's users, then nothing will be done about it. Also why would apple spend the money on something very few users would care about (color changing backlighting for the new touch bar)? Anyway, that is a neat feature.

  • @Tungsten_smooth The touch bar is a full color OLED display, so f.lux should be possible via the hardware, but who knows about the APIs it uses. Please mate, a quick google next time.

  • @yawpstang64 Oh, that would make a hell of a lot more sense with the full color smiley faces etc. Sorry about that! I hope the function is opened up to match display settings too.

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