Flickering when switching between host and guest VM in full screen (swiping between workspaces)

  • F.lux gets disabled (and then re-enabled 1~2 seconds later) every time I switch between my host OS (MacOS High Sierra) and my Parallels VM in full screen (Windows 10, creators update).

    MacOS: High Sierra 10.13 Beta (17A360a) [not sure if the problem is because of my OS being a beta version, or if it persists on Sierra too]
    F.lux: Version 39.984 [latest]
    Parallels Desktop: Version 13.0.1 (42947) [latest]
    Windows 10: Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4038788) [latest]

    This is a mild annoyance as it prevents me from using my VM in full screen, so I lose screen space in my already relatively small 13'' MacBook Pro. Otherwise I would receive blasts of blue light very often, and I happen to work late (up to 3 AM), so it's really a BIG and sudden switch in colors/bright every now and then if I insist in using full screen.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Try the note about enabling "writeProfile" here and see if it helps?


    Usually when a screen flashes white, it's due to the OS trying to restore the default profile, and you can have f.lux update that profile every so often so it doesn't happen as much.

  • It worked, thanks a lot!

  • For windows users, see -here- :)

  • I had this same problem. The "writeProfile" suggestion in the link above did not work for me. But I discovered something that did:

    1. Open the configuration for the VM
    2. Go to the Options tab
    3. Select the Full Screen section on the left
    4. Expand the Advanced Settings section on the right
    5. Uncheck "Use Windows gamma settings". (The VM will need to be closed for you to be able to change this setting.)

    @herf -- since the link above mentions this problem in Parallels, any chance you could update it with this new solution?

    Hope this is helpful!

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