A way/software to edit brightness/contrsat at sunset/bedtime?

  • When I use the computer in the morning/day time I need to turn the monitor brightness to 50 and contrast to 50 (using the monitor menu/buttons).
    At the sunset / night, I need to turn the monitor brightness to 0 and contrast to 30.

    Is there a way to configure f.lux to edit my screen brightness/contrast at the sunset (as it does with the orange color temperature) and go back to normal settings (50 brightness, 50 contrast) when it's day time (as it does with the normal/white/blueish color temperature when it's day time)?

    Or does someone know how I can make this task automated so I don't push those buttons daily (contrast 50/ brightness 50 at day time, contrast 0/ brightness 30 at the night/sunset)? Maybe a small software (from github or SourceForge)?


  • The only way your monitor can be controlled with software is if it's designed for it. You'll need some third-party program. I recommend ScreenBright. It's not perfect, but it's far better than having to lean forward and reach for my monitor's buttons to adjust its brightness - which I do every single day. There's no guarantee that something like ScreenBright will even work. Like I said, your monitor has to allow software control and there's no way to make it allowed if it's not.

    f.lux currently does not adjust actual monitor backlight brightness. The Alt+Page Down "brightness" control is just a black level adjustment.

  • After some search and testing lots of softwares, I've found a software that does exactly what I need!

    It's named ClickMonitorDDC, it edits the monitor settings with what command you want, in my case:

    • at a specific time (morning/day time) it sets to b 50 c 50
    • and at a specific time (sun set) it sets to b 0 c 20

  • Whoa. Nice find!! This is definitely better than ScreenBright. No, it's not just better, it destroys it.