What is the expected behavior of Philips Hue integration using f.lux 4.34 and above?

  • After reading around the forum today it seems unclear if f.lux is expected to work with Hue lighting.

    I'm hoping this thread can help with expectations so people don't spend time trying to get something working beyond it's expected behavior.

    I have v4.34 beta installed.


    Thanks for any insight you can provide!

  • f.lux v4 works well with Hue systems and all the light types we know about.

    It displays a notifier when it is trying to pair.

    We do not send "temporary" effects to it (like disable or darkroom), because it is designed right now to control your whole house. Color effects and disable (from one room) are usually not wanted in other rooms! It tries to show the "overall" schedule.

    When we know which group of lights is "near" your PC we can do more with these temporary effects.

  • Is there any timeline for making the philips hue integration for MacOS as well?

  • Yes, we're looking at a couple ways to do it.

    There might be a hacker mode where you run a daemon on your Mac that syncs with f.lux (and then you could move it to a home server or raspberry pi if you wanted). But we need to do better than "leave the mac on all the time" even though I know some people have a mac mini that does that - it isn't most people!

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