Lifx light support

  • Hello. I see you have support for Philip's Hue lights. Might it be worth implementing support for LIFX as well? There are some very easy API calls that can be found on their website which would make it very easy to implement.

  • End user here. Echoing the sentiment. Right now, when I notice the screen change colors, I verbally command my amazon echo to trigger a 30-minute transition to a LIFX scene ("flux" in case you were wondering) whose color most closely approximates the color of my screen when I usually call it quits.

    It's working wonders for me, but it would be even more fantastic for this process to be completely automated, so it syncs up better.

    To make this feature higher priority, what about making such support run for IFTTT or Stringify? You'd substantially increase functionality with what I imagine would be only modest effort.

    Or, as OP suggested, make use of the API mechanisms LIFX already provides. Anyway, here's my second of this feature request.

  • I thought LIFX was 100% bluetooth? Does it operate on Wi-Fi locally as well, or does it reach out to a LIFX web server and then come back?

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