Feature Requests

    • Having a list of exclusions that you can add to, instead of just a "disable for [app]" menu item. It's not always possible to access the menubar while a given app is frontmost (e.g. certain video games).
    • When I'm in Movie Mode, then click on an app where Flux is disabled, Movie Mode isn't retained when I click back out. Please make Movie Mode persist after clicking over to a "Flux-disabled" app.
    • Have it be possible to set apps to automatically switch to Movie Mode, in the same way that you can currently set apps to automatically disable Flux.
    • An update button. I would never know Flux was updated if I didn't periodically check the forums. I can't even check by going to the regular website, because there is no version number under the download button, and the file name is just a generic "Flux.zip", with no indication as to the version number until I actually extract the file. I have to go to the changelog or the forums. Edit: We now have an update button!
    • I just saw this thread and thought, "It would be a cool feature to be able to set Flux to only be enabled on certain monitors." So if you're just flitting from task to task, and from app to app, you could group apps that you want to have normal colours into the Flux-enabled monitors, and the rest on the Flux-disabled monitors! :D

  • Dunno if bumping works, but here goes, since the devs don't seem to have taken any note of this.

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