Fullscreen youtube colour artefacting.

  • @hhhhmmmm Going to check out that extension now.

    If it works, the flux devs should really take a look at it and just merge it.

    Also: this forum template the flux guys are using is awful. Why isn't bug reporting happening via GitHub?

  • @hhhhmmmm said:

    found in another forum room by chris-l


    The extension definitely works! Had this issue with Safari and recently thought to switch to watching Netflix on Chrome. Temporary relief. A couple of days ago the same thing started happening . Have just installed the extension and the issue seems to finally be resolved. YUS.

  • Hi all,

    Been following this issue for some time, hoping for a solution to my Mid 2012 MacBook Pros woes.. When it was revealed that the drivers / power saving features of OS X were to blame, I was pretty upset, but pressed forward in Chrome. Happy to say, after upgrading to macOS Sierra, the issue is gone in Safari. I can confirm Chrome 53 also does not have the issue for me, as others have stated.

    I would note that I followed the Public Beta upgrade path for Sierra. Not sure if this makes the difference from those who still have issues.

    A few more specs for anyone watching:
    GT 650M Discrete
    HD 4000 Integrated

    I'd add to all those still hoping for a fix, if it can work on mine, it can work on yours. I waited so long for this, glad it is finally here. Good luck!

  • Can still replicate with f.lux 37.7 and Chrome 53.0, but not Safari (10.0). The extension posted above fixes it for Chrome as well. I'm on a 2015 MacBook Air 13" (Intel HD 6000) running Sierra with everything up to date.

    Edit: I haven't done any AB tests to confirm it, but I have noticed that my Mac runs hotter and burns through battery a lot faster with the aforementioned extension installed. I guess screwing with Chrome's video rendering path isn't such a great idea.

  • Having the same issue (Chrome and OSX Sierra). Disabling adblock (ublock) does the trick though. Anybody else noticing this?

  • Thanks @hhhhmmmm and @Gabriel, installing that extension and disabling AdBlock seems to have done the trick.

  • Same problem... this is true for youtube and itunes as well...

  • Issue is actually still present with Safari, but only on some videos (this is the one I noticed it with). YouTube works perfectly, for some reason. Probably not the codec - it uses H.264 with Safari, but you still get the issue when forcing H.264 video in Chrome.

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  • This just started happening for me after the Sierra update, happens in iTunes, QuickTime, Chrome, Safari, YouTube, Netflix... basically everywhere :/ Too bad, really loved f.lux before this...

    MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) macOS Sierra version 10.12 (16A323), Intel Iris Pro 2880 x 1800 Retina

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  • Same here, mbp 13inch 256gig 2015, mocOS sierra

  • Just some comments mainly to the Flux developers... In my case, the color problem had nothing to do with Flux itself. I mean, I had the problem without Flux, just by having a custom color profile. Then I installed Flux just to see if it solved the problem (some site suggested it), but it did not help.

    I had this color problem in El Capitan before upgrading to Sierra. At that time, it was pretty straightforward to fix, as it started right after installing the Oracle Java plugin. I uninstalled it, and everything became normal, no color problem. It was before upgrading to Sierra. But when I upgraded, colors went ugly without the Java plugin, too. So I was confused.

    The good news, I can also confirm that the Chrome plugin solved the problem. So I am happy now :) Somehow it stopped that single "flickering" to happen when the playback controls disappeared. It was the exact moment in my case when the colors went wrong. So thanks for the help @scoundrella.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I just started have the same issue a few days ago on El Capitan. It started happening after I got the update notification for Sierra (but did not update). I'm on 10.11.2 El Capitan

    Getting blue (typically) artifacts that go away as soon as the mouse gets moved. Happening in Netflix and various other video portals. Haven't tried the Chrome extension (don't know who the developer is, can be shady)

    Chrome version: 53.0.2785.143

  • Don't be afraid of the extension. I checked the source code. It is very simple and very smart. It just injects a CSS style sheet into every web page, and it contains only a "video" tag, and setting the opacity attribute to a little less than 1. I guess in this case it is not hardware accelerated and does not switch to a different render mode. The only side effect is that it uses a little more CPU when playing a video from the browser.

    Furthermore, you can try it on-the-fly without the plugin also. In Chrome, open Youtube. Start to play a video then pause it. Right-click and select "Inspect". Then find the "video" element on the page (there is a button in the top left corner of the debug view to help selecting the video with your mouse). Then add this CSS snippet to the style window (although it is just temporary):

    video {
        opacity: 0.996;

    The plugin does this but in a permanent way. For me, it solved the color problems.

  • I also had the same problem, I bought Macbook Pro Retina 13 last Aug, then I experienced that issue after a month. I reported to Apple store then they exchange my Macbook to the new one. Then today, I also got the same problem for my 2nd new Macbook Pro.

  • Obviously this has been an ongoing problem for a while, glad that is actually a software issue and not a hardware issue. Just for the record, happening to me on Chrome, using the MacBook Pro Retina 13"

  • If you're using Chrome then just get the extension. It fixes the issue. I wish there was a Safari extension. Youtube on Chrome only goes to 720p. You need to use Safari for 1080p.

  • @ThatLiamAnthony Where did you know that it's only software problem?

  • @nouvindriadji said:

    @ThatLiamAnthony Where did you know that it's only software problem?

    Have you not read any of the replies in this very thread? The issue is fixed by software. Why would it be a hardware problem? This has been an issue ever since Yosemite came out with new video drivers which have this bug

    Btw I can't believe you got a replacement Macbook for this... That's hilarious. You could've easily googled and found that it's because of Flux

  • this looks like a intel hd gpu driver problem, not related to hardware OR flux app itself. Any monitor calibration that uses below 6500K standard temp will hit this issue.

    You can try other flux-like apps or you can use built-in monitor calbiration app.. see the image below. you'll hit the same isseu with full screen videos in google chrome.

    In my mac, safari has no issues.. so It may be related to the way that google chrome decodes the videos.. open google chrome and type chrome://gpu/ to the address bar, you'll see already there are lots of "driver bug workarounds"..

    this is why I think chrome devs (assuming apple won't care since it does not happen in safari for me) are the people that needs to look at it..

    macos builtin monitor calibration:



  • @gberberoglu I don't use chrome at all. It does happens to me on Safari.

  • I'm having this same problem while using Netflix in CHROME.

  • Same problem for MacBookPro Retina 2016 for any video on Chrome and Safari.

    In conclusion any solution?

  • HI guys, I have had the same issue, in both Safari and Chrome and in multiple video players.
    I discovered that my problem lied in the Display Settings. I preferred the Rec. ITU-R BT.2020-1 Display Colour and used it instead of the default Color LCD.
    So, basicall, I just switched it back to its original setting - Color LCD - and I am not having the issue anymore.
    How to do this?
    System Preferences -> Displays -> Color -> Display profile (Select Color LCD).

    Hope this solves your guys' issue.

  • I made an extension in safari similar to the chrome fix. I don't have a a certificate, so it has to be re-activated if you restart safari.

    Also, switching to the Color LCD profile did not work for me.

  • I am using a Macbook pro 2015 13.3'' (operating system: El Capitan 10.11.6). I was watching fullscreen Netflix (I am using the second streaming plan with two screens and HD) on safari at night (colour temperature 1900K), and many times the screen became momentarily more white, like the flash of a camera. At first, I thought that this was in my imagination or was not an artefact but part of the film, but when I quit the fullscreen mode, this "flash" stopped. This problem wasn't too serious, but it was quite annoying some times and I had to stop watching in fullscreen mode. I checked Chrome and this "flash" was also there, but there were also colour artefacts in bright colours. In Chrome, it was impossible to watch in fullscreen mode. These colour artefacts were not in safari.
    I searched google and I found this thread and I just wanted to tell my experience. I hope that an official update (an update from flux or apple) will be released soon. Some user in another post reported that this problem exists in macbook pro 2016 (aka macos sierra), therefore there is no meaning in updating to macos sierra yet.

    PS: Maybe this "flashing" is a different issue than the colour artefacts that other people are reporting...

  • @antonis111 Were the white parts kind of pixelated looking? It sounds like you're talking about the same issue we are all experiencing. It only happens on fullscreen after the mouse goes away. I can put the extension files for the safari fix online for people to install on safari themselves.

  • @mango_ hi not pixelated. The whole screen changed momentarily color. At first, I thought that this was happening when flux was dropping gradually the color temperature but was also happening when the color temperature was steady at 1900K. It was like “flashing” of a camera, but much milder. Or like when the tv is playing in a dark room and the scene changes from a dark to a bright one. In this case, you can see that the room becomes brighter and understand that the scene changed even if you are not looking at the tv screen.
    Maybe this was happening because flux disactivated itself for a second, the color temperature rose and then activated itself again?
    The pixelated artefacts were only in chrome, not in safari. But chrome had also this flashing issue.

  • Update: In MacOS sierra there are also pixelated artefacts in safari! That's a pity...

  • @antonis111 Well, this flashing (or flickering) I reported in my posts above, it has nothing to do with flux! It is just more obvious when flux is running, but it is still happening without flux. I contacted netflix and they told me that there is a problem in how the video card processes resolution in Netflix in some MacBooks and Apple must update the drivers. Therefore, I suppose that Apple has two things to correct: both the flickering and the colour artefacts.

  • Hey all,

    A Safari extension, like the Chrome extension, has been requested above... It already exists, it's just not in the "Safari Extension Store" (or whatever it's called) yet.

    If you check the github page of the Chrome extension project, it actually links to a signed VideoFixer.safariextz under Releases.
    Just download it and drag it onto Safari. It works for me.

    From the README: "The Safari extension has been submitted to Apple and hopefully will be available soon."
    I'm guessing the review didn't go through..? Maybe a missing icon ;)

    Aaaand just for the record, I'm not the creator of, nor do I have any relations to, this/these extensions.
    All props goes to C Lundie.

  • @afabian Thanks for the analysis of the extension

    For those of you that don't want to deal with a browser extension, you can just make a "bookmarklet" that will work in any browser.

    Go to the bookmark manager and create a new bookmark. Name it whatever you want and set the URL to this:
    javascript:document.head.appendChild(document.createElement("style")).appendChild(document.createTextNode("video {opacity: .996;}"));

    Then you can go to whatever website to stream, and just click the bookmark before going fullscreen.

  • Hi all!
    Just confirming what everyone here is experiencing. I'm having the same issues on Netflix and YouTube in fullscreen mode. Haven't tried other browsers yet, working on Chrome now.
    Subscribing for more updates on this subject, because it's really annoying.

    OS: macOS Sierra

  • Noticed this on mavericks a while ago, but then it went away! Recently updated to sierra and the problem is back :( my MacBook is a 2013 retina, for a long period of time the computer didnt show the pixelated problem.

    Im not 100% sure about this but I believe using "clicktoflash" which is no longer available, which forced youtube to use flash instead of HTML5 player stopped the issue, but I've just tested it now and they've updated it and its still showing the same issue, flash or HTML5. Quicktime player does the same but I believe VLC works fine.

    Might try some of your suggestions here, but this is a long thread! Has anyone concluded this is Apple's issue or F.lux's? thanks

  • @aalek137 said in Fullscreen youtube colour artefacting.:

    ITU-R BT.2020-1

    I just toggled my display colour (in the system preferences list) and it doesn't pixelate anymore! worked! :)

  • I don't understand why Flux can't fix this.

  • @dogduty because it's not flux, it is the Apple who needs to fix it. https://forum.justgetflux.com/topic/213/fullscreen-youtube-colour-artefacting/123

  • Night Shift is now confirmed in the new mac OS developer version so Apple is clearly screwing with flux

  • Just to re-iterate the solution on Chrome:

    1. Download the Stylebot extension
    2. Open the Stylebot options
    3. Go to Style > Edit Global Style Sheet
    4. Enter the following:
    video {
        opacity: 0.996;

    For some reason, showing the app at a very small transparency fixes this. You will not actually be able to perceive the partial transparency, but it'll fix the problem :)

  • I found something interesting.

    3 days ago, on feb 2nd. I ran the update "Security update 2016-007, v 10.10.05" which also updated Safari to v. 10.0.3. (Yes I know i'm late on the updates...)


    I guess I had Safari v. 10.0.2 before I updated.
    Perhaps downgrading Safari from 10.0.3 to 10.0.2 or older will fix this? I don't know how to do that, but it might be worth giving it a shot. I hope someone will be able to try it so I will monitor this thread closely.

    Fyi: I'm running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and Safari 10.0.3 on a 15" MBP Retina mid 2015.

  • @bldgr Doubt it pal. I've had this issue on mavericks, With safari 9 I believe. I thought mine fixed after i did something suggested on here but it came back a few days later. Its been on and off for 3 years now.

  • @.C.J.W. just to confirm the problem came back. :(

  • This wasn't a problem on my old MBP (I think it was late 2011), but I'm experiencing problem for a month now since I installed it on MacBook Air (early 2015).

  • +1
    mac book air early 2014
    have had this problem for ages
    will keep flux disabled until it's sorted

  • Fun fact/temporary fix :

    • If you pinch to zoom on the fullscreen video, the artifacts are gone. I now watch all my videos slightly zoomed in. (also works with the cmd+"scroll" zoom if enabled in preferences/accessibility, which is a system-wide zoom)
    • If you move your mouse to the top of the screen in order for the status bar to show up, the problem disappears as well as long as the status bar is displayed.

    Basically, as soon as your mac has something more to do than just displaying a fullscreen video, it all works fine.

    I've had this problem since I've started using f.lux a year or two ago and I know that f.lux can't do anything to solve it, this is just some sort of useful hack for when it really isn't bearable. (I'm currently using a 2015 13' macbook pro retina with Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 Mo)

  • https://github.com/clundie/VideoFixer/releases

    This fixes it for Safari but is it ok to use despite its permissions?

  • Hi, I'm own the newest Mac book Pro 13 inch with Touchbar and I'm running 10.12.3 and the latest version of flux.
    I seem to have the same problem of color distortions when streaming from sites like youtube or Netflix.
    My problem also occurs when I'm not in full screen. It occurs both in Safari and Chrome!
    This is what it looks like. So is it flux's fault or a problem with apple?

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/f1mu1azacaohefp/Screenshot 2017-02-21 23.30.39.png?dl=0
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/x3cyex5yr50e0ry/Screenshot 2017-02-21 23.32.06.png?dl=0

    Also I haven't noticed the problem when playing a video file with VLC or similar -- just from streaming.