Light at the morning

  • What is the best light policy at the morning?

    As I understand, if I want to advance my circadian schedule, I need to expose myself to a bright light right after waking up.

    But what if I want my schedule to be as it is now?

    For example, if I go to sleep three hours after I dim the lights ("sunset", "6 PM") at "9 PM". I sleep for 7 hours and wake up at "4 AM". Should I just use evening lights until it will be "sunrise", "6 AM"?

    If you have proof links for your answers, please, give them to me.

  • Giving advice like this is a little beyond our abilities, but I can happily direct you to a vey useful resource at - also go for their ebook, it is full of science backed advice for exactly what you're asking about.

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