What is the circadian delay caused from cyan vs blue?

  • The web talks a lot about both blue and green light, but nothing about cyan / aqua, so I really want to know the effect it has on both sleep and wakefulness.

  • Well, both cyan and aqua have a ton of blue in them, so yeah. They're definitely not warm colors like red, orange or yellow (or mixtures thereof). Why do you want to know?

  • Well because they are not discussed much. If I had to guess I'd say it would be a similar effect to green.

    if you didn't know yet, green has the EXACT power to shift sleep as much as blue does but for a limited amount of time. After that, blue becomes a stronger color and will shift your sleep twice as much.

    I want to know how much power aqua has in relation to blue and about what level of time blue starts to become stronger than aqua.

  • Oh. I'm not interested in knowing, so I don't know how to find out. I had assumed though that green is powerful like that because green has a ton of blue in it.

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  • Well, that confirms the aqua dip in "white" LEDs, that start off with an unnecessarily blue light. Maybe the LED people could come up with an LED that has a bit more aqua in it, and warmer lights wouldn't have the huge green hump in them, with such low reds.

  • I think it would depend on what your cyan is made of.

    Like mixing red and blue light to get magenta, you can mix blue and green to get cyan. Or, you can just use pure cyan, which has no blue or green in it at all. It's just cyan. A mix of blue and green appears to be the same color as pure cyan, to our puny human brains.

    Interestingly, there's no such thing as pure magenta. It's always a mix of red and blue. All colors are to some extent "imaginary", but magenta even more so...

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    As a single wavelength, cyan/aqua is the exact color of the peak response.

  • @herf said:

    As a single wavelength, cyan/aqua is the exact color of the peak response.

    So it's most likely extremely close to the effect of slightly higher blue?

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