Autoupdater on El Cap not killing existing process so update doesn't complete

  • Easy workaround, find the zip file in ~/Downloads, i.e. Expand, if you see another Flux Application, stop the current one, then drag this one into the Application folder (saying yes to overwrite existing).

    The challenge is this is creating a lot of havoc for non-command line users. Also, a lot of waste on your servers as it appears the new file will be downloaded and installed (unsuccessfully) every time the computer is rebooted.

    By the way, thank you for an awesome product.

  • Do you have a dual-GPU Macbook Pro?

    We are trying to reset the system profile at exit, and it takes a few seconds to do it. So I guess the updater isn't handling a "slow exit" very well. It will probably be faster during the day.

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