Multi user support

  • Hi,

    I would like multi user support.

    With the current version of Flux and OSX Yosemite the following occurs:

    When I am logged in to the Mac and have Flux running under my account, other user's that do not have Flux running / autostart @ login also have the "benefits" of Flux.

    Not all other users however see it as a benefit thought ;)


  • This should work correctly - each user should have their own color settings. That said, this seems to happen - video drivers are often buggy. :(

  • @lorna

    Thanks for your reply, gives me a further direction to investigate

    So far I have found the following:

    1. I am the only one with Flux color settings and the others have not, as they are not using Flux (their bad ;) )

    2. When Flux is running under my account and another user is using the Mac under their own account without flux running, they are forced to use my Flex color settings.

    3. Tried starting flux under the other users account using it to disable the settings till sunset. That returned the colors to normal, but after closing flux after a few minutes my color profile was somehow re-activated for the other user.

    It is almost like OSX is not separating the user spaces strictly and settings / programs from one active users can effect other users that are also logged in.

  • @lorna I would like to +1 the request from @Jeroen , I am experiencing the same issues. Thanks

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