Changed the general white point to 5600k using Flux... helps tremendously

  • This has made such a big improvement in being able to look at the screen. Over time the bright white of the apple monitor has been putting what feels like serious strain on the eyes. Just changing to 5600k was a tremendous help.

  • That's actually called the Color Temperature, but yeah f.lux is the best!

  • Yes I keep my CCFL lit monitor near 5700K in the daytime, it's just so nice.
    In fact that's close to the color of the sun (clear sky, direct sunlight). 6500K is actually near an overcast sky.

  • I have the Samsung 2253BW monitor and its color output is heavily dominated by blue. So, I recently calibrated it and the result is that the color temperature warmed up to about what I would have previously called 4700K or 4800K or maybe 5000K. That's not all that happened of course, my color output is far more accurate. I mean, previously, using 4700 to 5000K was similar to what I ended up with after the calibration, but the calibration takes it much further than just the color temperature.

    So now 6500K in f.lux is no longer too much for me while I'm awake; its just right.

  • Have you all played with the f.luxometer yet? - kinda fun to play with the settings and see what different screens do. It's an ongoing project so you will find more things as we measure them.

  • Yeah, I did a little bit when I discovered the new forum. It was kinda fun and quite educational as well. It caused me to begin using much warmer color temperatures than I used to use when getting ready for bed and still using my computer. Like right now, it's just after 5pm, I'm getting ready for bed (I don't have a consistent day/night schedule because I can't), so I have f.lux dimmed in addition to setting it to 2700K so that it's downt to 2457K. If I press Alt+Page Down again though, then it gets too dark. Even this is a bit too dark. Or, I mean, there's too much black.

    So yeah, that's why I've been saying that I want to be able to choose any color temperature at any time of the day. I'm getting ready for bed right now and I'd love to be using 1200K because my eyes have adjusted to the dimmer and warmer light, but the only way to use 1200K is by setting my clock past sunset. However, I need my clock to be accurate though because I rely on it.

    Anyway, so yeah fluxometer was educational and helpful and fun!

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