Lost access to Flux but restarting Mac revived it

  • Re: [Bug: Apple Preview Turns Flux Off](/topic/7975/bug-apple-preview-turns-flux-off]
    I noticed recently that Flux had turned itself off and disappeared from its normal position on the top right of my screen. I have managed to get it back running but wanted to flag an apparent bug. I don't recall turning Flux off intentionally at any point since the last restart, but I saw mention of problems with Apple Preview and I do use that. I also use Firefox, and am running Mojave, although I may upgrade to Big Sur after dealing with other issues. I have a 27-inch external Asus monitor running on a 2018 MacMini.

    And thanks for Flux - I have floaters in my eyes that make it hard to read screens that are bright, and being able to dim makes reading easier.

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