True Tone with F.lux

  • Hi, I just got the new Macbook Pro and I was wonder if these apps play well with together? When I installed f.lux and inputted my regular settings, the screen was way too warm. They apps/settings both adjust the screen colours and I am thinking their effects may be potentially additive (especially at sunset/night). Is it best to just use one or the other? (admittedly Apple allow you to use True Tone along with Night Shift but I'd imagine since they designed both settings those work together).

  • True Tone isn't really an app. Its intended benefit is to help match the color of the light being picked up by the light sensor. That's all True Tone is. It's intended to make things look more natural based on the color of the light. Take for example a sheet of white paper. The white paper takes on the color of the light. That's what True Tone is designed to simulate.

    F.lux is a lot like Night Shift, only it's better and isn't some cheap filter to change the color temperature.

  • Assuming you're in the same place at night, I would just dial back the f.lux settings until things look good.

    FWIW: personally I do not enable True Tone because I think it is too warm during the day.

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