delayed circadian response features

  • Hey there,
    Recently I discovered that I have adhd which has delayed circadian response as a common occurrence
    Now, I am not a doctor or anything, just a computer scientist, so I really only have my own feelings to go on for this.
    I have used this app for a very long time and think it may have actually been pushing me to be even more of a night owl with its yellow light.
    A possible explanation I thought of is that my brain is actually wired to activate with the yellow tones of the sunset.
    I have a lot of memories of falling asleep whenever the sun rises, so I have come to the conclusion that I should be using blue light to try to activate the melatonin at night time.
    I have tested setting my smart lights to violet/blues and it does seem to make me more sleepy.
    I have thought of a couple ‘possibly easy’ features could help with this situation:

    • Allowing the sunrise color slider to be left of the bedtime one, so I can have two levels of blues at night
    • Adding even deeper blues, as it seems like I could take far deeper blues than what is in the wider gamut mode

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