Extremely short winter days (and endless sun in summer)

  • Re: Northern/southern polar extremes request

    I would like to echo this post! I live in Iceland and it is now 10am and still very dark outside. Maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm in winter is already difficult due to the lack of sunlight and the fact that f.lux enhances the effect is detrimental. This is true in summer as well, where I need to manually change the colour scheme so that f.lux helps rather than hinders a healthy circadian response. I get why these settings make sense for the middle hemisphere, and I love the program - I just wish it took the polar extremes into account!

    Meanwhile I'll be doing what the above post suggests and telling f.lux I'm somewhere where the sun actually does shine.

    Please comment if you have this issue so that f.lux will take note.


  • Here is the schedule f.lux gives me. alt text

  • Swedish time

    I second this from Sweden.
    Unable to add the image directly.

    The suggestion is to set location to elsewhere; Is there a list somewhere with an easy to use - setting my days to "normal" ?
    Normal being 7:30 Sunshine, 22:30 Sundown?

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