Northern/southern polar extremes request

  • Hello,
    Thank you for f.lux, I do really love it. I'd like to echo a post I've seen a few times in requesting some kind of feature that can delay 'sunset' until after the work day is over, at least, and have a fake early 'sunrise' time for winters in Northern Europe. The sun doesn't rise until well after I get to work, and sets before I go home. I've seen this requested a few times 2015-2016, and although replies said it would be added in later versions, I can't find an option for this in 2019-2020.
    I am quite possibly missing something! It says I have the most up-to-date version, and yet I don't even see this 'working late' option that some people have mentioned. So I was wondering if this already exists and there is something wrong with my version, or whether it's yet to be added.
    I haven't seen this requested, but I imagine that the reverse options for summer would also be nice. It's easy to forget about how blue one's screen is when you go to bed before the sun even sets, yet of course we'd sleep better if our screens turned off the blue light before heading to bed.

    Finally, I'll end with a suggestion for us all in the meantime, which is to change one's geographical location to a more equatorial version of one's own time zone. It lets you pretend to have a circadian rhythm that better matches a 9-5ish work day.

    If anyone knows if this actually already exists and there's just something messed up with my computer, please let me know! (High Sierra MacOS, f.lux ver. 40.1).

    Thanks again for this app.

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