Timer and app controlled lights

  • Here is what I want to do.
    Hang a light strip around an interior door frame that I can use an app to set a timer to come on white and then later turn to green (or some other color). The times will be changing so I need it to be user friendly that way I can easily change and adapt it.

    It would really nice if I could change the brightness of the light as well for the different timers, but that is not necessary. If it would be much easier and cheaper to do this with just a single smart bulb in a lamp I can go that route. I've looked on Amazon and some of the apps seem to have mixed reviews. Some of the more well known brands are more expensive ($60-$80) than I would like to spend.


  • Philips Hue has some features that can do this on a button press:

    You might be able to script these to start when the power comes on too.

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