Feature Requests: Darkroom mode without inversion, and screen inversion from the Flux app

  • I would like to request a feature to be added to Flux. Currently, I am not able to invert the screen on my M1 mac without everything turning bright cyan when I'm in dark-room mode. Clearly none of Apple's updates have fixed the problem.

    Flux is definitely able to do some kind of inversion because dark-room mode still looks as it's supposed to, but I simply can't invert the screen in dark room mode and have it remain in monochrome red. Because no fix appears to be coming on Apple's end, I would like to request that Flux offer a dark room mode without screen inversion.

    In fact, if you could also throw in the ability to invert the screen from Flux (clearly Flux can do that, because it is done in Dark Room mode), that would be great, because sometimes I want to invert the screen when I'm not in dark room mode, but with flux on, the colors go all cyan-tinted.

    Please offer this fix. I used to use flux combined with screen inversion all the time, and not having this on my M1 machines is really bugging me.

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