Youtube fullscreen disable glitch

  • Hello,

    I have set f.lux (41.4) to disable on fullscreen apps. This has always worked on Youtube when playing a video in fullscreen. This behavior has suddenly stopped. Now, when I play a fullscreen Youtube video, f.lux no longer disables itself.

    This has always worked and I didn't change any settings. Any clues what might be wrong?

    BTW: auto-disable for Chrome still works, except when Youtube is open.

  • Which macOS? Things may have moved around...

    f.lux does two tests for "fullscreen":

    1. Is the system in "presentation mode"?
    2. Is the app in a "fullscreen space" and is there a missing menubar?

    Usually these two tests work, but it could be Chrome or macOS has changed. e.g., maybe Chrome is not triggering #2 and we should review it.

    Does Safari do the same thing as Chrome?

  • @herf it's macOS 11.5.1 on Chrome 94. I use Yutube's full screen button on the video toolbar, which results in Chrome going full screen (its using a desktop space on macOS). No presentation mode. Menu bar is missing, as usual with fullscreen.

    Does this help in any way?

  • Thanks - mine is macOS 11.5.2 with Chrome 93, so slightly different, so maybe the Chrome 94 beta is changing some things?

    Not exactly related but suggests something is changing:

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