Bug: local time confused by time zone

  • Sometimes I need to change my system clock to a non-local time zone, but this confuses Flux. For example, at 4pm in Los Angeles in the summer it is 11pm GMT. If I set my system clock to GMT with sudo systemsetup -settimezone GMT, Flux will ask if my location has changed. I can confirm my location is still Los Angeles (longitude around -120º), but flux still reacts as if it's nearly midnight. In short, Flux doesn't seem to account for the OS timezone when asking the OS what time it is.

  • We do all our internals in GMT/UTC so if the sum of time zone and wall-clock time is correct, it should keep working.

    Here is a tester script to compare with our server:

    So yes, if "UTC time" in the OS is wrong, we will transition at the wrong time.

    We only use tz changes as a cue to adjust location (like for traveling between timezones), but cancelling this dialog is just fine too.

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