How do I adjust my bedtime?

  • I understand that f.lux determines my bedtime from what I enter as my wake time. How is this done? I'd like to know what f.lux thinks is my bedtime.

  • The short answer is "about 9 hours before you wake up" and we have a lot of research that says putting your computer down an hour or two before bed is quite good for you.

    We really should let you say when your bedtime is (we do have versions with this in it) - I guess we always felt that leaning on a particular time too strongly was rude. There are times when it's rude to say "time to go to bed" but it is hard to do this well for every person every night.

    That said, our thinking in this design is that "healthy light exposure" is only somewhat related to sleep timing - so if we had a bedtime in the software it might not work like you expect! Some people stay up hours after it gets dark (and others don't), but the hope was that the lighting cue would help to change your overall timing. Not in that single night, but in the "internal clock" sense.

    I do think we could lean on f.lux more to "cue" you to go offline.

  • I read somewhere (not the official FAQ page) that it was set to be 9 hours before Wake time, so I tested it last night after setting my Wake time to 6am and I noticed it changed to Bedtime settings at 9pm, which is 9 hours before Wake time, which is what I wanted.

    Given the above setting, would the one-hour Transition start at 8pm? Or does it start right at the target time (9pm)? Not to take a chance, I have Fast Transitions checked.

    I take my Melatonin at 9pm daily, so I wanted f.lux set to a 9pm Bedtme (thus the 6am Wake time).

    And do you expect a future version will let me set a firm Bedtime time?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ralvydc Just tested Gradual Transition and it appears to start the Transition 1 hour before the target time. So if my Bedtime is 9pm (9 hours before my WakeUp time of 6am), with Gradual Transitions set, f.lux starts decreasing blue light at about 8pm, taking 1 hour to get to my Bedtime setting. Perfect.

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