Flux just stopped working entirely

  • Just stopped coming on. Gone from top toolbar. I deleted it, and the zip, emptied trash, re-downloaded and installed, and restarted. I got the prompt asking if I would allow notifications from flux and saw the logo flash on the toolbar but then, nothing. Spotlight search shows flux as an option but when I choose it, nothing happens. It's like a total ghost of a program now. So weird, please help, I really like flux! Worked great from when I first got this comp (mid-Feb) until a day or two ago, then just stopped working with no notice. Still shows up as one of the programs running on login, but never gets going. MacBook Pro on Catalina 10.15.7. No other issues I know of with any other programs.

  • [EDIT] Also nothing in the console logs, no crash report.

  • We emailed with @howardbdev, and this issue may be due to a MDM service (employer, institution software management) that is disallowing f.lux.

    Confirming it is the company's security software killing f.lux, nothing on f.lux's end. Appreciate your looking into it! This thread can be closed, or removed.

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