Cursor unaffected by dimming on MacOS 10.15.7?

  • Hi, so I just recently updated my computer to Catalina, and now when Flux is on, my cursor doesn't dim with the rest of the screen, which kinda makes it look like it's glowing. I use Flux because I have chronic migraines, and having the one spot of brightness is almost worse than the whole screen being brighter? Is there anything I can do to fix this? I looked through some other threads that seemed to be on a similar topic, but none of the things that were recommended there seem to have fixed the issue. Hoping you can help!

  • Is there a preference called "Software mouse cursor when needed"? It would be in the f.lux options. It's in the Windows version of f.lux, but I don't know about the macOS version.

  • Please be sure you are running v41.4? It is the main download at

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