Solar Time off by ten minutes!

  • I managed to let flux believe I am near London, UK (Greenwich, to be precise) and Solar Time in f.lux is off by ten minutes when compared with actual time. Same for where I am (in NL).

    Just Google for "what is gmt" for the correct GMT.

    f.lux v4.119

  • Solar time is different from standard time. I could try to explain it, but I recommend doing an internet search for "what is solar time?" It's an interesting subject.

    Edit: Also, here's Michael Herf's answer when I asked what solar time is:

    It's also explained here:

    It says this:

    Solar Time?

    Solar Time is the time a clock would say if it were based on the sun. If our clocks worked like this, noon would happen when the sun was directly overhead.

    We now show Solar Time in f.lux interface, because we think it’s important.

    If your solar time is after the current clock time, it’s likely that you live in a place that’s easy for night owls to be (because they can wake up late). And if you’re in a place where the solar time is much earlier than what your clock says, it’s easier for early birds, because they can go to bed early.

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