F.lux settings for long time computer usage

  • Hi guys,

    As the title say, what do you guys recommend for long time computer usage ? Is it bad to use low / high settings in the daytime. does it affect the sleep ?

    The room i spend the time in front of my computer has some natural light from outside and in the evening i'm using a bulb so i don't stay in complete dark.

    What would be a good set up to F.lux for a long time computer usage ? Should i keep it 5500k+ in daytime and 2500k+ bedtime ? Or should i go lower than 5500k ? Does it affect anything if it's not 5500k ? I read that there is good to have a lot of light in the daytime but is it good to come from the monitor ?

    Looking forward to read your replies, thanks a lot !

  • We think there's no replacement for daylight, or high levels of ambient light. The screen can only do so much. So if you can spend an hour near a window or outdoors that is a good idea.

    I would worry the most about creating contrast between day and night - turn off overhead/bright lights before bed and try to find more light during the day. Then adjust your screen so it isn't the brightest thing you're looking at before bed.