[Bug] App whitelist matches too eagerly

  • I've noticed that the way f.lux checks if an application is on the whitelist of applications to be exempt of f.lux isn't implemented correctly. After adding an entry to the whitelist, it seems like f.lux only checks to see if an application starts with any name from the list. This means that if I have f.lux disabled for Titanfall 2, a program named Titanfall 2 Icepick will also cause flux to disable itself when focused.

  • Hi @IncPlusPlus - yes definitely, a lot of apps put the open document name in the title, so we are a little permissive about this. We might be able to add a list of delimeters (so we only do this kind of soft-match before '-' or ':') to prevent this but it would take some testing to figure out.

  • @herf I'd be happy to help out with any testing and feedback necessary to make this a reality. I'm wondering if it'd be simpler to optionally specify the executable path since that remains fairly constant.

  • Yes, we went pretty heavily down the EXE-name track, but it does not work for any Windows Apps, because they all run in the same executable container. So we still rely on window titles for now. Thanks for the feedback!

  • @herf Ah right. Windows apps are kept around pretty differently. I see why this decision was made. Regardless, I think people would still benefit from being able to add an EXE name. Under the right click menu item to disable for a specific time or application, would it be possible to add a button to the list that just says "For an exe..." which would open a file picker when clicked on? Adding a program through this method would add an exception for the full path of the executable instead of the window title. The main window title functionality would stay put and this would just be something used by people who want to add the EXE manually because they know what they're doing.