Philips Hue compatibility

  • Hi,

    I'm going to finally purchase Hue lightbulbs specifically to use with f.lux.

    Is f.lux only compatible with the "White and Color Ambiance" lightbulbs or does it work with the "White Ambiance" too? The latter only provide cool to warm white, which is what matters to me.

    Also, do I need the hub to make it work or can it work through bluetooth? The hub is hella expensive and I only need to sync two bulbs...

    Thanks in advance.

  • Right now we only work through the bridge (hub).

    It works with all the models we know about so far (even the ones that don't change color) - we do more color setting if it's possible, and otherwise we do an equivalent amount of dimming.

  • Thank you for that answer. I'm going to purchase the White Ambiance starter pack with the Hub included, this will be the perfect setup for me.

    Final question, what happens to the bulbs when I turn off my computer? Is f.lux constantly "talking" to the hub, or does it just give it a schedule that will be kept once the PC is turned off? I don't want to have nice, dimmed, warm light that becomes suddenly bright when I turn my PC off.

  • yes right now it only works when your computer is on.

  • Ok so I just got it yesterday and figured out some stuff. When you turn the PC off it stays at the last setting which is nice. It's perfect.

    Something is bothering me though, is there a way for f.lux to only control temperature and let me control brightness? Because right now if I want to watch a movie with a dimmed light, I have to disable light control through f.lux.

  • This post is deleted!

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