Flux confused about what time it is

  • On my machine (MacOS Big Sur 11.1) Flux seems confused about what it should display:

    In the attached screenshot, you can see that even though Flux is aware that sunset isn't for another 2 hours, it is displaying my 'bedtime' colours.

    Also, it says "wake in 9 hours" which is very obviously wrong. It is 3:30pm at the time of writing and the sun sets around 5:30pm, but my set wake time shouldn't be for another ~15 hours after that!

    I was just playing around with changing the wake time (currently set at 10:15am) and it seems to have shifted my current display mode to what I would expect to see at this time, but it still has the "wake in X hours" count wrong, and in any case there is definitely a bug somewhere here.

    I just deleted and re-downloaded to see if that would fix this, and while the button styling did update which lets me know this is a new version, the problem still persists.


    also, uploading a screenshot seems to have failed, so please find it here: https://imgur.com/a/6OFfyD0

  • Can we check your timezone?

    Also what does it say at https://justgetflux.com/timesync.html

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