Feature request: Full dark at bedtime

  • Hello,

    I love f.lux and have been using it for years. The continued improvements have been absolutely awesome. Thank you for keeping it up!

    It would be really nice if f.lux had the option to fully darken the screen (or use custom colors) during Bedtime.

    I've got a smart plug scheduled to turn off my monitors and desk lamp at 1am, but having the screen go dark over a few minutes leading up to 1am would give enough time to ramp down what I'm doing instead of me stupidly turning the smart plug back on manually to finish up... then forgetting to go to bed.

    People with ADHD (like me) might benefit from having a slightly more obvious/obnoxious/stimulating indicator that it's time to get off the computer and go to bed. This might not be the best solution, but from personal experience, this feels like a good option.

    Thank you for considering the idea!

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