f.lux affecting Dark Appearance on Mac?

  • Since last week I have experienced an issue and I would like to know whether it has something to do with f.lux. In general, I use my Mac with the Dark appearance a.k.a. dark mode. Now every time I turn on the Mac in the morning or when I quit f.lux it automatically changes my appearance to Light. How to fix it ?

  • Same here, @Dave_asprey!

  • In f.lux "Color Effects" - there is an option to use dark theme at sunset. It's designed to change the theme twice per day.

    If you don't want f.lux messing with your theme, uncheck it, and set it through System Preferences instead.

  • @herf -- I created an account just to say "THANK YOU" for this. It was driving me crazy (and I also can't believe I couldn't figure that out on my own...)

    And thank you, @Dave_asprey, for asking the question \o/ \o/

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