Flux doesn't work on dual monitor plugged into Mac from dock via displaylink USB

  • Hi All

    I've done quite a bit of research on this subject and I think there may already be a solution for Windows (as I gathered from the FAQ) but I haven't seen anything for the Mac. Since it seems Flux supports displaylink Windows, I'm hoping it could also work for Mac

    So to give some context, I currently have 3 external monitors connected to my Mac (2015 17inch):

    • Monitor A is plugged in to the thunderbird port through a HDMI to thunderbird convertor

    • Monitor B (VGA) and Monitor C (HDMI) are plugged into a Docking Hub. From the docking hub, there is a displaylink USB cable that connects both to a single USB port on my Mac

    Now Monitor A works just fine. But Monitor B and C doesn't work at all with F.Lux and I also tested it on nightshift and it also doesn't work

    Can anyone please help me in figuring out whether its even possible to get Flux to work on my 3 monitor setup on the Mac?


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