Artifacts on calibrated monitor

  • Since I have a calibrated monitor, blue artifacts appear. For now, I had to move from f.lux to Iris, which works fine.
    Thanks for the great soft and I hope you can fix it quickly.


  • We definitely fixed a bug in this area for the v4.118 update - the latest Windows (19041) has a bug that interacted badly with f.lux. Were you using the latest f.lux version or an earlier one?

    Also, can you post f.lux options > driver info?

  • Similar issue on new Lenovo P15v. Windows 10 2004 Build 19041.746

    Driver info

    The information below is already on the clipboard. Paste to the f.lux forum or email us for help.

    Intel Corporation Intel(R) UHD Graphics (20200924)
    NVIDIA NVIDIA Quadro P620 (20201019)

    Wide viewing angle & High density FlexView Display 3840x2160, 344 x 193mm, built 2019
    R=0.664063 0.320313
    G=0.213867 0.709961
    B=0.143555 0.071289
    W=0.315430 0.341797

    sRGB gamut: 101%, AdobeRGB gamut: 100%

    Windows Build: 19041


  • Hi @meetloaf13 - can you make sure you're on the latest f.lux version?

    I think it should report the "fractional" windows build (like 19041.something) if you have v4.118, which is a clue that maybe yours is older.

  • @herf This sounds like the same problem I am having.

  • Our new beta (4.119) has a fix for rare X-rite profiles:

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