To join the f.lux beta...

  • If you want to help out and test beta versions of f.lux, you should do these things:

    • go to "About f.lux" in v4, and opt in to beta releases
    • restart f.lux to make it notice the update and give you the beta version right away

    If you want to leave the beta in the future:

    • Uncheck the box in "About f.lux" (or uninstall if f.lux isn't usable)
    • Download again from the website:

    Current beta release notes are here.

  • oooo yeah !!!

  • Once the primary monitor is disabled. The option to change the color setting from candle to incandescent etc does not work.

    The fix is to re-enable it on the primary monitor and it will then allow you to make the change and have it take effect.. quality of life fix nothing more

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