HUE Control

  • f.lux sets and changes the color temperature correctly to match the time of day... Exactly as I wanted it to! Well done!

    Unfortunately, it also changes the dimmer settings of my lights throughout the house... Not good at all! Especially when it turns the nightlight in the kid's room up!

    Is there some way to have it do the color temperature changes but leave the intensity settings alone?


  • Thanks for the note and I'm sorry we are making a dim light brighter. That's no good. we will probably add "better" controls for brightness, but we do think it's really important to have it change over time, too.

    In the meantime, you can exclude any lights that f.lux is not working that well for: look for "Hue lights to use" in the menu, and uncheck the bedroom light.

  • Maybe a checkbox for each controlled light? Do not change intensity.

    We actually tend to run our lights about 30% dimmer than f.lux wants to after sunset and at night.

    My wife has Seasonal Affective Disorder. For the last 10 years, we have run 5500K-6500K lighting to help her which has been very disruptive to sleep patterns. Now, changing the color temperature automatically seems to help her, and my, sleep quite a bit...



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