f.lux and sofa mac remote

  • Hello.
    I recently started using an application to control a computer from a smartphone via Wi-Fi.


    It allows you to adjust the brightness of your monitor. But when the program f.lux is running, the brightness of the monitor is constantly reset to the previous state. But it becomes impossible to control the brightness with the Sofa app. How do you make the two programs work together? Apparently the f.lux also controls the brightness of the monitor .. how can this be fixed?

  • Hello! I use the Sofa app to control my laptop remotely. I tried using the Sofa app without F.Luxe. I can change the brightness of my laptop monitor remotely using my phone. If I start F.Lux, then when adjusting the brightness of the monitor remotely, the brightness is constantly reset to the value that is set using the buttons on the laptop. How can I turn off F. Lux's effect on monitor brightness? How to make the Sofa application have a higher priority in controlling the brightness of the monitor than F.Lux? I love F. Lux. But it annoys me that F.Lux does not allow other applications to change the brightness of the monitor. Thanks! Best wishes, Alexey.

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