inverted color mode for f.lux?

  • I have used control+option+command+8 to switch the colors on my Mac screen, so that black would be white and white black. That way, it did not feel as much that I was staring into a light bulb, as there would be more black on the screen for a reading activity. If I invert the screen such that a red would become blue (or something like blue), will f.lux dim or change that blue or blue-ish light in the inverted mode so that I would get less blue or blue-ish light in the inverted mode? If not, could that feature be introduced?

  • In every game I play, about every 6 seconds the disconnect symbol appears and stays for about 3 seconds while everyone drives around in circles. It then snaps everything back into position, and continues normally for maybe 3 or 4 seconds. Then it happens again and again until the match ends. However, I'm never actually booted from the match.

  • The justification the upset tones is to unusually recreate the photograph negatives in the red light darkroom.

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