Sync External Device Light Sensor

  • I already posted this in f.luxometer, so consider this a categorical addendum, smart lighting is more apt.
    Say I want to use my android device's built-in light sensor, since it is always nearby, and I typically leave it on the desk I'm using a pc at anyway, however my monitor does not possess that capability, say it wasn't manufactured with one or the light sensor is just faulty.

    May I tether a background application of f.lux from my android device to feed light sensor data into f.lux, that's running on a nearby pc, in order to adjust to the ambient lighting of the android device?
    (if it were up to me, to prevent overt, background execution and battery hogging, I'd only enable the data to be more frequently read in and update the lighting adjustment according to steps at the most expected critical changes of ambient light during dusk or dawn per location, data I'd bet you collect :) )

    If this is not already in the works, or a readily available implementation, I believe this would increase the accessibility of your application, and advance it to a larger demographic. *I like the depth and complexity of your app, however I believe that it'd greatly benefit from an out-of-the-box, user-friendly app (not rooted) in the Google Playstore: something like this android light sensor sync, might also help launch.

    Perhaps this is a tall order, but I am curious if you guys are advancing the app anyway.*

    Naturally, I first wondered, does an outsourced light sensor have yet to become a feature in f.lux?

    Thank you.


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