option to disable notifications?

  • Whenever I switch to an app that has flux disabled, flux pops up a notification that flux has been disabled for that application.

    The way the notifications are implemented they pop-up rather predominately on the screen, the notification is very large, and pops up over applications rather than out of the way in the corner. When running a smaller resolution desktop, the notification takes up a good amount of space and is very large.

    I'd prefer flux not announce that it is disabled at all, or at least be more subtle about it. I understand there may be some implementation issues with the Windows notifications. I still don't think that this notification needs to be this large with the way it is implemented currently. I don't really need to know when it is disabled. I am the one after all who has set flux to be disabled for that app, so I know that it should be disabled for that app.

    As a suggestion, an alternative more subtle approach might be to change the appearance of the icon in the notification area, perhaps gray it out, to indicate that it was disabled (given that the user shows the icon in the system tray). As an example, it would be neat if it worked like the amphetamine app on macOS, where you can control click or right click on the icon to activate and disable the app really easily, and the icon changes from a sun when it is active, to a grayed out moon when it is disabled.

    Improving efficiency and workflow is important to me. So if there is no big notification that pops up blocking whatever I'm working, and which is very distracting to me while I am working (additionally if I could easily enable/disable flux with a mouse click), that would be great improvement in my opinion.

    I do enjoy using the app overall and appreciate all your hard work supporting it. The pop-up notification is my main issue, and I think everyone would agree in general that pop-ups are the worst.

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