F.lux should use Windows 10's native notifications

  • I don't like seeing f.lux notifications on top of everything when I turn on do not disturb mode (now focus assist). Even Chrome has been integrated now, I think it's time!

  • Thanks for the note. We did try in our beta to do this for "most" notifications but we wound up messing up the notification center pretty badly, so we stopped.

    The interaction between "native" apps and the "modern" APIs is still a little difficult on Windows. For instance, we never had much luck handling notification clicks and other cases like that, especially if someone clicked a notifier after we updated.

    We made the notifiers as they are to support Windows 7, and to handle the notifiers we make that animate over time (which isn't possible that I know of with the system). Then we wound up using them for everything due to the notification center problems.

    Also we used every API we could to see if Windows is in "do not disturb" mode (presentation mode, fullscreen, etc.), and tried to suppress notifications -- there are like three different things we check there. I would assume that the "modern" side of Windows is not talking to the native side again there -- possibly even the "do not disturb" feature is quite new, since we shipped this version of f.lux.

    Will look into it more.