How to Block blue light from computer?

  • Hello!

    I'm someone that downloaded f.lux, not only because I've been having a TERRIBLE time sleeping at all hours of the day recently, but also because I am the kind of person who is on my computer pretty much all day as long as I'm awake.

    I also get really bad headaches when working with my computer for long hours and it was proposed to me that it might be the blue light from my computer giving me such terrible headaches. What do you guys think? I've only been using it for a day or so, but I also haven't had headaches yet since using it, so... :)

  • @ThomasKelly I'm using an Asus monitor which has a blue light filter by default. Such a monitor would be useful for you

  • If your using windows 10 then try using night mode.

  • Set color temperature profile to 5000K. If you have advanced RGB options, you can even tweak the individual R G B gain manually to filter blue even more. Gamma of 2.0 or 1.8 also helps! This is always more efficient than GPU emulation.

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